Board Evaluations

Board evaluations are a powerful method of enhancing Board and organizational performance. It is a way of determining how the thoughts and behaviour of Board members influence performance and productivity.

It can give you the answer to questions such as:

  • Are the relationships between Board members healthy?
  • Is the Board aligning with the organization’s mission?
  • How well is the Board performing?

Real Board Solutions offerings a Board evaluation process that allows your organization to focus on important matters while strengthening relationships with both the Board and key stakeholders.

We work within the Board to allow them to assess themselves, other directors, and the overall performance of the Board. We also work with other stakeholders including staff and members to gain valuable insight into expectations, communication, and perceived performance.

We then provide a set of actionable priorities which can be tracked, measured and reviewed in subsequent years.

To learn more about how you can make Board Evaluations work for your organization, contact us today.