CEO Evaluations

The CEO plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day success of an organization. Ensuring that your CEO is the right person for the role and that he or she is performing optimally is a serious responsibility.

A CEO evaluation process can:

  • Help to determine what is working (key accomplishments, goals reached, etc)
  • Target areas in need of improvement
  • Determine management and leadership performance
  • Evaluate how well finances are being managed
  • Enhance the performance of your executive through an executable plan

At Real Board Solutions our CEO evaluations are conducted through self-evaluations, director and staff feedback, and solicitations with other key stakeholders as applicable. The result is a well-rounded view of your executive’s performance that can assist you in determining opportunities for growth and areas where support is required.

For more information on how CEO evaluations can work for your non-profit, contact Real Board Solutions today.