Effective governance is the cornerstone to any non-profit’s success. In fact, nothing ensures the health and sustainability of an organization better than a highly effective governing Board. Through the creation of policies, bylaws, and clear goals, Boards can ensure the fulfillment of the organization’s mission at every level.

Achieving effective governance isn’t easy. That’s why Real Board Solutions works closely with you to address your individual needs and create a governance solution that benefits your organization.

Have you had any of the following challenges:

  • Re-hashing the same topics over and over again, yet making little progress
  • Too much time spent on small operational details
  • Tension between Directors with differing opinions
  • Board burnout or high turnover
  • Lack of focus and productivity during meetings
  • Low engagement with membership
  • Board members wearing too many hats
  • Too much time and resources spend getting approval for projects and initiatives
  • Directors overly involved in day-to-day issues

If so, you are not alone.

Many organizations struggle with these and other governance problems, but good governance practices can be learned and implemented by your Board by introducing a governance system that is designed with your organization in mind. Real Board Solutions can assist in the creation, training, and implementation of an effective governance system that ensures progress, productivity, and accountability.

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