Board Meeting Management

Board meetings are a necessary part of Board governance and are vital to the success of the organization when run effectively. However, when they are run poorly, they can be a source of frustration and feel largely like a waste of time.

So how do you ensure Board meetings are going to be a productive use of the Board’s time?

Effective board meetings need to:

  • Have a purpose
  • Follow proper meeting procedures
  • Be well documented with minutes
  • Have an agenda
  • Be chaired effectively
  • Provide materials ahead of time so that members can prepare
  • Respect everyone’s time
  • Create actionable items
  • Be an environment where attendees feel that they can share their voice

Real Board Solutions assists organizations to run meetings that are effective, appropriate to the established governance structure, and easy to take part in.

If you are seeking significant improvements in how your meetings are run, contact us today!