Some of Our Valued Clients

BC Trial Lawyers Association

Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut Forestier du Canada

Canadian Pharmacy Association

Vancouver Board of Trade

Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia

Canadian Homebuilders Association (BC Chapter)

Urban Development Institute (Vancouver Island Chapter)

BC Chamber of Commerce

Resident Doctors of BC

Immigrant Services Society

Softball BC

UBC School of Theology

BC Physiotherapy Association

BC Society Of Translators and Interpreters Association

Governance In Agriculture

Canadian Society of Executive Directors (BC Chapter)

BC Municipal Safety Services Association

Board Voice British Columbia

BC Dental Technologists Association

Rental Housing Council (Landlord BC)

BC Soccer Association

British Columbia Blueberry Council

The Kidney Foundation of Canada (BC)

BC Business Improvement Association

First Nations Emergency Services Society

Cycling BC

BC Midwives Association

BC Construction Association

Langara Students Union

BC Schools Trustees Association

Victoria Chamber of Commerce

BC Chiropractic Association

Yukon Mining Training Association


What Our Clients Say

Governance was a daunting task for us, but Terry’s work with the Canadian Institute of Forestry has brought about a significant difference not only to our business, but to our organizational culture as well. He made governance and strategic planning easy with his clear expectations, outcomes, and timely delivery. His continuous engagement and trust building brought together individuals from across the country, and from across all different sectors, to reach a common goal of bringing value to the organization. We can’t say enough good things about our work with Real Board Solutions, and would recommend Terry, and his team, for any governance or strategic planning consultation work and Board coaching.
Dana Collins
Former Executive Director / Directrice générale, Canadian Institute of Forestry/Institut Forestier du Canada
The BC Blueberry Council (“BCBC”) retained the services of Terry Clark and Real Board Solutions earlier this year to complete an Operational Performance Review and Succession Planning Review. It was very comprehensive with many valuable and practical recommendations. Terry was very knowledgeable and professional. As the Chair of the BCBC at that time, really appreciated his responsiveness, astute observations and reasonable and rational solutions to the many challenges and significant changes the BCBC were facing. He was incredibly helpful and understanding and a pleasure to work with.
Nancy Chong
Past Chair, BC Blueberry Council
In 2015 the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia commissioned Terry Clark of Real Board Solutions to provide an operational review. Terry’s report was comprehensive, insightful and provided prudent, thoughtful recommendations of which we have implemented a significant number. In 2016 we again retained Terry to facilitate our 2016-2018 Strategic Plans. We have a very large and high profile Association, with a complex Board and Committee governance structure. We have the complete confidence that Terry will facilitate a highly productive process which will guide our Association for the next three years.
Carla Terzariol
Former Chief Executive Officer, Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia
I am the President of OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) I was referred to Terry Clark of Real Board Solutions. OWL was in the planning stages of their Annual General meeting. The meeting was expected to be highly contentious and negative results may have ended the Societies existence. We asked Terry to Chair the meeting and fortunately the results were exceptional. In 2016 we retained Terry to provide a Board development seminar and our Board members now have a much clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
Karen Wheatley
President, OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society)
The Kidney Foundation of Canada (BC) retained Terry Clark of Real Board Solutions for board of director development. Both the Board Chair and I were extremely pleased with our selection of Terry to help our Board get to the next stage in working effectively together. We were particularly impressed at how he could build rapport with a wide variety of Board members while making strong recommendations for positive change.
Karen Philp
Former Executive Director
The British Columbia Softball Association contracted with Terry Clark and Real Board Solutions in 2013. We asked Terry to review our operations and make recommendations including an operational merge of our Provincial Sports organization. We found his recommendations to be solid and will bring positive long term stability to our organization. We found Terry to be knowledgeable, personable and professional throughout the reorganization and have invited him back to provide Board development services.
Rick Benson
Executive Director, The British Columbia Softball Association
I enjoyed working with Terry Clark as my executive coach. I found him to be an excellent listener, who would ask the right probing question at the right time and impart his diverse expertise without ever being condescending. Terry worked hard to develop recommendations that would have my best interest as his mentee at heart, while also benefitting my organization in the process. I would unreservedly recommend his services to anyone who seeks success in the non-for-profit sphere.
Bjorn Osieck
Former Executive Director, British Columbia Soccer Association
Terry, you did a fabulous job on Friday and Saturday with our strategic planning session. It felt comfortable yet effective. We accomplished a lot and now have much greater hope for the Society.
Ted Kuntz MA
Former Board Chair, Crossroads Hospice Society
As the president of the BCAOMA before the merger, I am pleased to provide some comments regarding your involvement in the merging of the BCAOMA and ROMS BC. You had the task of convincing two non-profit organizations, which offer the same services to property owners and managers, that it was in their best interest and the interest of their members to merge and become one entity. The key reasons for the merger were financial stability (achieve economies of scale) and the additional political clout of a larger organization. The challenge was that the two organizations were very different culturally and administratively and as a result both boards were skeptical. My experience was that you conducted yourself professionally and exhibited considerable knowledge in the non profit field. Your patience, skill as a facilitator and a communicator, as well as your ability to effectively manage the many egos involved, is the reason the merger was successful.
Richard Laurencelle
Vice President, Rental Housing Council of BC
Terry Clark is the first coach who can help me specifically with issues related to my association management company. Terry has ``been there, done that``, he speaks from personal experience. He knows what it is like to grow your association management company or to work as an outsourced, temporary executive director. I am happy to have finally found a business coach who understands my field and can relate to what I go through running my business. Because of his own background, Terry can offer me insights and advice specific to my industry. He is an excellent mentor to me.
Aila Karpio
President, Spets Association Services
Mr. Clark provided support to my organization during a critical phase of board development. His richly insightful grasp of all aspects of association development and management were highly beneficial to us at a time when key decisions were being made. These decisions will have a lasting impact on our association and our industry. Perhaps one of his key strengths lies in knowing when to remain silent and allow others to find their way toward closure. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Clark to any organization that can benefit from a fresh and intuitive eye on the wide range of matters that impact boards, their ongoing development, and their long-term health and vitality.
Andrew Klukas MA, MPA
President, Western Convenience Stores Association
Terry thanks for a superbly facilitated and condensed strategic planning session!
Cheryl Ziola
Executive Director, Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce
I am extremely grateful to Terry Clark as he has led our organization on a sustainable and successful path. Our community charity work was in serious trouble when I initially contacted Terry needing advice with a tragically divided board spiralling to dissolution. Through Terry’s one-on-one coaching and expert group facilitation skills, we were able to develop consensus amongst the board, foster a healthy board/executive director relationship, and devise a savvy strategic plan in order to create a meaningful and shared itinerary for our society to follow. We are now experiencing our most financially successful and programatically impactful year to date. Thank you Terry for your mentorship and support!
Jesse Brown
Former Executive Director, YouthCO