Mentoring Senior Staff

A few years back, the idea of hiring a mentor or a coach was virtually unheard of. When a new senior staff member started at an organization, they would acclimate themselves with little support. Fortunately, that mindset has shifted significantly in recent years. It is now very desirable to have someone mentor senior staff as they start their new role, and even well beyond. Seeking a mentor speaks to the commitment to become a high performing executive and ensure the success of the organization.

Some of the benefits of hiring a mentor or coach include:

  • Preparing yourself for your new position
  • Ensuring continuity of organizational performance
  • Enhancing your skill sets and leadership competencies
  • Creating a supportive environment that encourages employee retention
  • And many more…

As a former Executive Director and now non-profit consultant, Terry J. Clark is well-versed in the many challenges that come with being in a senior staff role. Every organization is different; yet certain elements remain the same. Working with staff dynamics, familiarizing yourself with the policies, goals and mandates of the organization, and working with the Board all while striving to perform at your best is a high pressure scenario for anyone. With a knowledgeable and experienced mentor in your corner you can reduce stress, perform better, and have the support you need to be at your best each and every day.

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