Performance & Evaluation

At Real Board Solutions we take an extremely broad view of organizational reviews. The solutions we provide are based upon 25 years experience and recognized “best practises” that are specific to the not-for-profit sector. We look at it all, highlight the issues and make the complex simple. You will appreciate the straight-forward path we follow. Evaluating performance from time to time is essential to a high-functioning organization, we will:

  • assess your processes, systems, staffing
  • benchmark your organization against others in similar sectors to make sure your framework serves your purpose
  • build a comprehensive gap analysis
  • clarify what you are doing well
  • provide clear, realistic and prudent recommendations and solutions
  • provide clear, realistic and prudent recommendations and solutions
  • develop a clear roadmap so everyone is pulling in the same direction and driving towards the same goals

Done well, you’re the organizations operating systems will shift your organization’s structure, communication, dynamics and performance.

What We Look At

Strategic Planning

Each not-for-profit does require a written strategic plan, with clear and tangible strategic goals, in a three- or five-year term format. Real Board Solutions will coordinate and facilitate your strategic plan facilitate providing a clear pathway from start through to completion. We can also assist in the implementation stage. Our process includes:

Membership Processes

Membership is a key factor in the growth and development of aa not-for-profit organization. We focus upon the holistic membership function including:

Staff Evaluation

The staff led by the Chief Staff Officer is the glue that binds the organization together. We will review and provide solid, realistic recommendations for senior staff. We will confirm what is working well and areas needing improvement. As importantly we will advise on how to implement the new strategies. While each not-for-profit is unique there are many similarities and our experience combined with ‘best practices’ will provide the best solutions moving forward including:

Internal and External Capacity

While organizational and strategic planning are critical to an organizations success, the capacity to fulfill the mandates are equally important. We review both the internal and external ability to implement a strategic plan and its internal operational plan.

A good plan is only as good as its implementation, follow up and evaluation. The organizations internal and external capacity is reviewed and areas such as committee mandates, communication and realignment, as necessary. Real Board Solutions will facilitate this process to effectively achieve goals in line with the organizations mission and mandate.


We have the expertise and proven performance to fulfill your organizations needs, in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.