Strategic Planning Facilitation

A key responsibility of a Board is to set the course for the future – a roadmap outlining the direction the organization will take. Task-oriented, prudent, and timely strategic planning is an essential tool to enable your organization to achieve its mission and vision.

Real Board Solutions will work with you to:

  • Design a planning process that meets your budget, timeline and goals.

  • Collect necessary data through surveys, interviews and program evaluation.

  • Facilitate good decision-making throughout the process, while managing timelines and milestones.

  • Develop a document that meets all your requirements and guarantees your satisfaction.

  • Implementation assistance to ensure that your plan stays alive and your organization makes continual progress towards organizational goals.

A well-developed strategic plan is powerful tool that guides your day-to-day decisions and evaluates your progress. Strategic plans should be revisited frequently and the strategic planning process completed once every two years or anytime your organization experiences significant changes that will impact the future.

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