Mentoring Board Directors

For a Board of Directors to be efficient, every member needs to have a clear understanding of their role and contribute to the mandate of the Board. With the appointment of a Board member, the fastest way to ensure their growth and development is with the aid of a coach or mentor.

Real Board Solutions has been mentoring Board members for the last 10 years and knows first hand the benefits of working with individual Board members during their acclimation to their new role. Benefits include:

  • Providing a private and confidential learning experience where the individual feels comfortable asking the tough questions.
  • Being an accessible resource for questions and challenges as they arise.
  • Playing the role of a non-biased 3rd party which can help with decision-making.
  • Facilitating cooperative, trusting relationships between Board members.

Clearly mentoring can have a positive impact on both the individual Board member and on the Board overall. In fact, with increased individual performance many Board see improved governance, deeper insights and improved overall communication among members.

To explore mentoring for your Board members, contact Real Board Solutions today.