Board Training & Orientation

Healthy Boards are the key to an organization’s success. When Boards are high-functioning, they respond strategically to new challenges and make decisions that strengthen and ensure the stability and sustainability of the organization.

Board training and orientation is critical to building better Boards, especially when onboarding new Board members. Usually volunteers, Board members join non-profit Boards because they are passionate about the organization’s mission. They want to contribute meaningfully and feel valued. With a well-planned, Board training and orientation process in place, these new members can quickly become contributing members and play a role in the overall success of the Board.

There are many responsibilities and liabilities that Board members need to be aware of. Board Training and Orientation sessions with Real Board Solutions can help Board members to:

  • Gain knowledge they need to be a well-informed, functioning member
  • Build the skill set required to be an effective contributor
  • Learn how to communicate effectively as a Board

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